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Year 2


Year 2 learnt a clapping song called ‘ABC’ and then split into partners to practise. We learn how to clap our hands to a steady pulse and how to move to a musical time frame. We also had to learn how to co-ordinate actions to cue words.






During the Autumn term we learnt lots of songs and chants that helped us to learn about following a rhythm and pulse in Music.

We learnt a song called ‘Boom chick-a-boom’ and chanted it together in different voices and changing the pitch. We also learnt ‘My name is Joe,’ which is an accumulative rhythm game with actions.

Watch our video of our chant ‘Grandma Grandma’ with actions.




In Year 2 we have been learning about how to use the different musical instruments and listening carefully to the different sounds they make. We have also made up our own action for when we can play our instruments and another action for when we need to stop. We took it in turns to have a try with the different instruments. In the next few weeks we will be learning more about rhythm and making a musical sequence.