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This year Nurture has moved location into what was the Breakfast Club room. With the move, we decided to have a new name.  So welcome to the Lily Pad where we are all leaping to success.

Lily Pad will still be staffed by Mrs Phipps and Mrs Moffitt and continues to run four days a week Monday through till Thursday.


Autumn Term 1 2017

During this half term, we have been exploring the book Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper. The book has the characters Squirrel, Cat and Duck and all seems happy and harmonious in the little white cabin in the woods until Duck decides that he’d like to stir things up.


We made character masks and acted out the story of Pumpkin soup


We made bread to dip into our pumpkin soup

The Lily Pad children have also enjoyed a lovely autumnal walk looking at how the trees and plants have changed in this new season. This also linked into our RE topic where we have been think about how Christians believe God created the world. During the walk the children identified what they thought God would feel happy about us doing to the world and what might make him feel sad.



Photographs taken by the children of things that God would feel were good things and bad things happening to our world.


Story Massage

This year the children are learning to master the strokes of story massage and they are enjoying the benefits of giving and receiving Story Massage. 

The twelve Story Massage Strokes



Service for children only

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