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Family Learning

Y1 Families Connect Workshops

10 week programme starting from September 2017

Details of the session so far.

  • Session 1 - Focus on Feelings

  • Session 2 - The importance of Praise

  • Session 3 - The importance of Listening

  • Session 4 - Book Talk

  • Session 5 - Beyond the page 

  • Session 6 - The importance of Counting

  • Session 7 - Number Talk

  • Session 8 - Celebration of the course

The Planner- a course for mums

29th June 2017

Yesterday nine of our mums arrived at school to take part in the first of four sessions aimed at helping them to gain confidence, set themselves goals and become more positive on the whole. 

So what will this course do for our mums?

It will help them build a solid and firm foundation for moving on and deciding which steps they are going to take. 

It looks at how they can value themselves and start to increase their levels of self-worth.

Builds their self esteem and very gently raises their level of confidence

Introduces them to working in a small group with others who are experiencing similar issues and we can offer some supportive coping strategies

Gets them started on their all important journey to becoming more positive in general

As part of the course one mum has already recognised that she needs further help and support- this in itself is a success story!


Art and Craft Sessions

Tuesday 7th June 2016

Today Lancashire adult Learning came to Springfield to start the first of six Arts and Craft sessions.  Over the course of the next six weeks the children will be given the opportunity to work alongside their parent(s) to explore a range of craft and creative activities, designed to encourage families to work and learn together.



K'NEX Challenge

Tuesday 3rd May 2016

Children from Y3-5 enjoyed taking part in an afternoon full of construction, as they took part in a K'NEX challenge workshop with their parents. Many thanks to Lancashire adult learning for facilitating this.