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Hitting all the Right Notes!

Wednesday 14th December

Yesterday our newly formed choir performed for the first time at St Catherine's Church, and what a success this was!

Since September, under the direction of our choir master John Garrett, aptly suppported by Mrs Lingard, the children at Springfield have met on a weekly basis to practice singing and performing together. They have brushed up on and focused on a variety of skills which have included consideration of others, listening skills, sense of whole, attentiveness and self awareness- all which are just as important as the skills linked to singing.

As part of the performance the children sang three christmas songs, whilst maintaining the correct posture and eye contact with our very own director Mrs Lingard. It was clear to see just how far the children have come, since their very first choir session three months ago.

The choir children are now looking forward to performing at St Catherine's church on Tuesday 20th December alongside the Community Choir in a bid to raise funds for Derian House.