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Primary Engineer Celebration Event

Wednesday 25th May 2016

We were invited to take part inthe Primary Engineer Celebration Event.  The event took place at Burnley Football Club and was attended by more than 60 teams from across Burnley.  Our school sent two teams with their finished products, for the Keystage 1 and Keystage 2 category. Year 2 vehicles must be able to move down a slope and Year 4 vehicles must move with a motor both forwards and backwards.

Three children attended the show casing event at Turf More. Fiona represented Year 2 and Louie and Leah were the Year 4 representatives. 

During the morning session the children were questioned about their designs, materials used and challenges they faced when making their vehicles by a team of engineering experts.

Year 2 were judged on their designs, responses to questions and distance their vehicle moved when released down an incline. Year 4’s were judged on their designs, responses to questions, distance travelled up a slope and how far the car could travel in a straight line.