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Last Choir Singing!

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Choir Competition – ‘Last Choir Singing’

We were delighted when we got the opportunity to enter our school choir in the Last Choir Singing competition. 

As the Last Choir Singing is Lancashire’s premier choir competition, the publicity for it was high. On the day, BBC Radio Lancashire, who is a media partner of Last Choir Singing as is Johnston Press North-West and Lancashire Evening Post were prsent.

The competition was such a good experience for the children and a great opportunity for parents to see them perform.  If you would like to know more about the Last Choir Singing, please visit their website at  

The children’s performance was fantastic! They all stood so very proud and still with every eye on their conductor. No nerves were visible. Summer’s solo was tear jerking. Well Done!

At the end of the competition our parents and carers came over the congratulate us.

“You were amazing, you sang really well”

Our choir were a credit to Springfield, their behaviour and manners were impeccable.I was extremely proud to conduct them; they have worked so hard.